Management Faq's

Management FAQ's

Q: Do you really need a property manager?


A:  Questions to consider if you are managing your property yourself, or questions to ask a Property Manager:

1. Do you have the time to manage your property?
2. Are you available to show the property every day?
3. What questions to you ask of employers & previous landlords?
4. Do you have access to credit reports?
5. Do you know what to look for on a tenant application?
6. Do you have access to a lease that is under constant review?
7. Do you know what to document when you inspect the property?
8. Do you know the federal laws that apply to lead paint disclosure if your home was built before 1978?
9. Do you know what to do if the tenant does not pay the rent?
10. Do you know who to call for the best rates on maintenance?
11. Are you available any time in case of a maintenance emergency?
12. Do you know what the tenant’s rights are?
13. What is legal to charge a tenant when they move out?
14. Do you know the strict laws governing security deposits?
15. What action to you take if the tenant moves before the lease expires?
16. Do you have access to free legal advice on Landlord/Tenant law?

If all of your answers were” yes” then chances are you do not need a property manager. If you answered “no” to any or all of them, you might be subjecting yourself and your property to unnecessary risk, costly vacancy time, and reduced profits just to name a few. We have considerable resources available to perform these services for you. There are many variables involved in property management whether you do it yourself or have a professional manager. There will always be risk of certain events such as a tenant not paying rent, damaging your property, or a variety of other scenarios. We help to reduce most risks but cannot remove these risks entirely. We are committed to protecting your property and cash flow to the fullest extent of your rights under the law.

Q: Why do you need a property manager?

A:   Fees

                Full Service Management to be discussed from percentages to FLAT RATES.
                No Up Front Fees
                No Leasing Fees
                No Surcharges
                No Accounting Fees
                The only other expenses would be an optional newspaper ad
B.   Services
               7/24 FULL SERVICE MANAGEMENT
               Aggressive Marketing Plan
C.    Comprehensive Tenant Screening Process
               Owner can have final Tenant approval if requested
               No credit check fees to owner
               Landlord & Employment Reference Checks
               Years of Experience – We know what to look for
               Lease Preparation
D.    Accounting Services
                Prompt Rent Collections
                Monthly Statements and copies of invoices
                Year End Statements
                Bill Payment Service (mortgage, taxes, HOA, and more)
                Misc- 1099 Preparation
                Accounting Fees to be discussed
E.    Property Preservation Program
                Recommendations to Prepare the Property to Rent
                Extensive Written Inspection
                Maintenance Coordination and Supervision
                Low rates from our preferred list of vendors
                Letters to Neighboring Homeowners – So they know whom to call
                24 Hour Emergency Service, 365 Days/Year
                Move Out Inspection & Deposit Disposition
F.    Office Hours
                We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
                We have a 24-hour answering service for emergencies
                We show properties 7 days/week